1 Gallon Liquid Filling Machine for Water with CE

The gallon liquid filling machine can realize quantitative filling thanks to the metering pump, simple in structure, convenient in operation and maintenance and can be widely used in high volume (3~30L) filling for such liquid as pure water, white spirit and juice etc.

1. The gallon liquid filling machine completes quantitative filling with a metering pump, guaranteeing stable performance, excellent reliability and durability and its filling precision can be higher than ±0.5% for 2L (or more) liquid;
2. It has a wide filling range (3~30L) and convenient in adjustment and setup;
3. There is a anti-drip device on the filling head to avoid leaking in process;
4. All tubing contacting the material is made of 304# stainless steel and food grade plastic tubes, which is easy to be removed and washed and also helps realize cleaning in place (CIP), if you need for special , and comply with hygiene standards for foods as well.