100ml spray bottle sorting filling plugging and capping equipment for liquid piston filler video

100ml spray bottle sorting filling plugging and capping equipment for liquid piston filler line
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Automatic Bottle Unscrambler:
1.Special designed for plastic empty bottles
1.PLC program controlling
2.Easy to operate

Automatic Bottles Unscrambler
Brief introduction:
Automatic empty bottles unscrambler is special designed for plastic empty bottles, empty bottles will be sent to the storage tank, then the bottles are put in order automatically and mouth upward into the production line. It adopts advanced overload safety production devices, do not need to pump, can be used in various industries of plastic bottles.
This machine is used in pharmaceutical factory, health care products, the suitable bottles include round bottles, special shaped bottles. This machine can lose bottles automatically, unscramble bottle. This machine adopts the high quality stainless steel or non-toxic pollution-free engineering plastic manufacturing, application of mechanical transmission technology, through the simple adjustment, can apply various bottle type, have a high degree of automation, the advantage is save labor. The machine can be used as the host or connect with the production line.
Structure and features:
1) Compact structure, concise appearance, convenient operation;
2) High production efficiency, it can continuous send the bottle automatically, then turn over the bottle and exit the bottle;
3) Meet the automation demand, without manual send bottle;
4) Turn over the bottle of institutions and bottle length, match with the shape , ensure the continuous, rapid output;
5) Through sorting after the transportation institutions, flip institutions and unscramble bottle institutions, the bottles mouth up and entering to next working procedure orderly.
◊Main technical parameters:
1) Production speed:60-120bottles/min
2) Voltage:AC220/380V 50/60HZ Power :0.2kw
3) Weight:120kg
4) Machine dimension:1000mm×1000mm×900mm(L×W×H)

Bottle filling and capping machine
Operation precess
1.Material preparation: Ready enough bottles, plug in, cover, and liquid medicine, plug and cover
should be full of vibration hopper rail and is located in the inside and outside cover location
2.Feeder bottles: bottle feeder turntable make the bottles (optional)
3.Filling: Bottle by oscillation tidy up the bottle opener for positioning disk thick, by positioning disk again intermittent drive to filling, stoppering, cover, screw cap.Solution by peristaltic pump suction by silicone pipe, at the filling station again by the needle can be moved up and down automatically filling liquid in the bottle.The needle every move up and down, to complete a filling
4.Plugging :Plug is provided by vibration hopper to stoppering station, bottle movement by wheel clearance to stoppering station, through the optical fiber detection to control stoppered cylinder solenoid valve work signal to control the cylinder work so as to achieve a bottle gasser no function, not stoppered bottle plug on plate using gravity principle design, avoid the spring or spring plate made before instability happens after long time, so the plug is very accurate
5.Capping : Add good plug inside the bottle again by positioning disc sent to the affix, screw cap, affix a similar principle and urinating in principle, is done by the cylinder, covering various size by complete, constantly rotating screw LIDS below and overall do up and down, when the bottle stops right, decline of spin trapping modesty lid screw cover finish.Screw cap body adopts the design of constant torque, according to the bottle cap and bottle thread with torsion, to adjust the firmness of the screw cap after putting in place can automatic sliding, achieve the goal of not wounded cover not bottles
6.Bottles out: Spin good cover bottle again by the bottle round to the conveyor beltpull pull final delivery outside the machine, and enter the next packaging process

1, the machine USES unique plug, fixed on plug on precision.
2, no bottle no filling, no bottle no on plug, not plug cover function.
3, with urgent stop switch, automatic alarm when machine is out of order.
4, this machine with dust cover

Technical Parameters:
Applicatable bottle:10-500ml bottles
Production capacity(4 hole): 30-80 bottles / min
Error loading quantity: consistent with national Pharmacopoeia.
Sealing rate: ≥ 99%
Power supply: 220/380V 50HZ three-phase four-wire
Power: 1.5KW
Weight: 600kg
Dimensions: 2500× 1460× 1480mm (L*W*H)

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