10L gallon filling and cap closing machines for Disinfectants and sanitizers|clorox bleach filler

10L gallon filling and cap closing machines for Disinfectants and sanitizers|clorox bleach filler

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The anti-corrosive filling machine integrates the scientific filling concept of light, machine, electricity and gas integration and advanced process technology. The design is simple, the operation is convenient, stable and reliable. The whole machine is made of imported non-metallic materials, especially suitable for filling with super strong corrosion, which can meet the filling requirements of various specifications.
Performance advantages of bleach filler:
◆Control system——Using the well-known PLC control system, the filling dosage is randomly fine-tuned.
◆Operation interface-color screen operation interface, man-machine operation interface is simple, safe and reliable.
◆Improvement of function——The material has anti-drip device, which can have submerged filling function according to the characteristics of the material. (This function can be selected)
◆Electrical components-all use well-known international brands to ensure the safety, reliability and high accuracy of the equipment;
◆Mechanical components——Parts in contact with materials are made of PVC and non-toxic and corrosion-resistant PTFE hose. The discharge nozzle is titanium alloy.
◆Functional expansion——It can be configured according to customer's special requirements, such as: material sealing, heating, sterilization, etc.
◆Counting detection-real-time counting, intuitively reflecting the work output.
◆Filling test-no bottle is not filled, the bottle is not enough, no filling.
◆Maintenance situation——This machine complies with GMP requirements and can be easily disassembled, cleaned and maintained.
◆Exchange specification——When changing the filling specification, only need to adjust it easily and get it easily.
◆Environmental protection configuration——According to customer needs, the environment protection frame can be configured to make the operating environment of the machine more clean and sanitary
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