120ml bottle filling capping and labeling machines for e liquid|chubby gorilla filling line

120ml bottle filling capping and labeling machines for e liquid|chubby gorilla filling line

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monoblock filling machines perform a critical function in the production chain: liquid filling into vials and small bottles. Liquid vial filling is a delicate process. small bottle filling machines ensure volumetric consistency, reduce product loss, and feature built in quality control in the form of volume checking. monoblock fillers are utilized in both sterile and non-sterile applications. Key purchasing considerations for mono block filling machines include the predicted vial filling production output , the filling range of the vials, and desired fill accuracy.
Features of monoblock filler:
1. Microcomputer setting, accurate loading and convenient operation.
2. The speed of the host can be adjusted by stepless frequency conversion.
3. Automatic quantitative control of production volume.
4. Various fault prompt functions (such as low air pressure, no filling, no plug, etc.).
5. Automatic stop function, it can stop automatically when there is no filling and no plug in any track.

Technical parameter:
Filling heads:2
Filling range: 10-120ml (according to different products, filling accuracy is different)
Filling speed:20-35 bottles /min (filling speed varies according to different material properties)
filling accuracy ± 1%
Power and voltage 1.2kw, 220v
Working pressure 0.4-0.6mpa
Air consumption 6 ~ 7m³ / min
Machine size 2000 * 900 * 1500mm
Net weight of machine: 550kg

Bottle label applicator
This labeling system employs “Trap and Spin” orienting technology to apply a label to a desired position on various sized round containers. It can also be used for optical spotting for handles, tabs, etc

Performance characteristics:
This labeling machine adopts touch screen PLC control system or knob switch control, chooses Omron's photoelectric device, speed control motor, conveyor chain and belt and other related components.
This machine is suitable for labeling round bottles of medicine, chemical industry, food, daily chemical industry, etc.
Working principle:
The bottles are sent to the chain plate by the upper pipeline, and the bottles are arranged equidistantly into the photoelectric sensing area through the distance adjustment device. The label paper on the roll controlled by the stepping motor is automatically sent to the label after receiving the signal, and the label is automatically peeled off. The paper is attached to the bottle, and another batch of photoelectric sensors promptly limit the delivery of a label paper. During the continuous feeding process, the label paper is correctly attached to the bottle body one by one, and it is automatically output after being flattened by a roller. , Complete the entire labeling process
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