2-30ml E-cigarette Liquid filling capping labeling shrink sleeve applicator line

2-30ml E-cigarette Liquid filling capping labeling shrink sleeve applicator line

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2-30ml E-cigarette Liquid filling capping labeling sleeve shrinking systems,cigarro linha de enchimento líquido eletrônico

This Electronic Cigarette Liquid Filling Machine combines mechanical/pneumatic/automatic technology as a new innovation generation of special Machine in Electronic Cigarette Liquid Filling with high automation/rate of finished products/stability and widely adaptability etc. characteristics, so that it is the favor of the numerous customers. It becomes perfect & maturity day by day during consummate constantly in years. It is the first one in all the same machines and occupies more than 90% market share in this trade by means of its characteristics such as high technology, nice applicability & good quality etc. so that this kind of machines had exported in batches.
This machine has the functions such as automatic vials arranging/detecting, filling with vial or stop filling without vial, automatic stopper/cap falling & screw capping, suitable to fill the abnormity vials such as rotundity/flat/prism etc. with low filling measurement warp and suitable to many kinds of stoppers & caps, so that it has the obvious advantages compared with this kind machines worldwide. It is completely met the GMP regulation by means of the powerful advantages of our company in design/manufacture for non-standard products. Welcome customers from local and abroad to visit & instruct our company.

Technical Parameter:

1.Dimension:3200×960×1400mm(L x W x H)
2.Total Weight:780kg
3.Total Power: 1.5kW
4.Voltage: 220V Single-phase
5.Filling Capacity: 50 Vials/min
6.Dosage: 10mL
7.Filling Precision: ≥99%
8.The Successful Rate for Stopper Covering ≥99%
9.The Successful Rate for Screw-capping ≥99%

Our services:
A-The whole packing system
The Seller ensure the whole packing system can get to the requested capacity, accept and cooperate with the Buyer
to pass the final testing of the whole system.
B-On-site installation:
The Seller supply the on site installation for the whole packing system, but the fees including air tickets, foods,
hotel and translator in this period should be paid by User,the subsidy is 50USD/day.
B-Technical support
The Seller supplies the technical support of the whole use life of the system,including the vertical packing machine,
and theprocedures.
C-Spare parts supply
The Seller should supply the quick-wear parts with the machine, to help the Buyerin further using. In the quality
guarantee period, the Seller will supply the broken parts for free, except the easy worn parts or the damage is
caused by misoperation.After the guarantee period, the Seller will supply all the parts that the User need for the
whole use life of the machine in cost price.

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