20 heads liquid filling machine,high speed filler machinery,full automatic filling equipment

20 heads liquid filling machine,high speed filler machinery for oil,full automatic filling equipment

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High-speed Liquid Filling Machine For Bottles

Technical performance:

liquid filling machine filling valve device is equipped with special links, under the action of the piston reciprocating motion, to the effect of filling, piston tic, the feed valve to open the feed, the feed valve closed; piston driven, the inlet valve is closed, discharge valve is opened for filling, is the ideal alternative to manual equipment. (This equipment without power)

Automatic High-speed Liquid Filling Machine

Performance advantages:

Control Interface - knob control, pedal control switch.
Functional improvement - have anti-drip device under the material.
Electrical components - are used internationally renowned brands, ensuring that equipment reliability, high accuracy;
Mechanical components - and access to some materials of high quality non-toxic corrosion 316 stainless steel and PTFE hoses. Other machine parts are of high quality 304 stainless steel.
Maintenance situations - the machine meet the GMP requirements, easy disassembly, cleaning maintenance.
Exchange standard - filling specifications change, simply adjust, easy to get.
. Automatic High-speed Liquid Filling Machine

1. Filling machine
2. capping machine
3.filling volume: 20~5000ml
4.filling capacity: 160~300 bottles/min

Automatic High-speed Liquid Filling Machine

If you are not satisfied, Don't be disappointed, the images and parameters are not comprehensive at the webpage. You can tell us your request and recommend one to you. And alsocustomizable, our engineer can exclusively design for you.

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