20 liter pails oil weihing filling machine for olive oil filler weigher with piston pump

20 liter four heads pails oil weihing filling equipment for olive oil filler weigher machine with piston pump

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20 liter engine oil filling machine
Easy to operate
Long service life
Low maintenance rate
Design life for 10 years

Oil or liquid weight and fill machine auto 20 liter engine oil filling machine
(5L-15L, can be customized)

In order to meet the requirement of production capacity, we design the whole unit into 4-nozzles/6 nozzles/8 nozzles filling. Bottle will be conveyed to rotary plate along conveyer, and then the bottle will move to filling head, the filling head has been installed detector, and there are 4 sets/6 sets/8sets electronic balances under these stations, which can fulfill automatic counting for 4/6/8 bottles(buckets). When there are 4/6/8 bottles on the electronic balances, the filling head will move down and fill the bottle.
It adopts electronic balance for metering the raw material; the pump can absorb the liquid automatically. And the filling volume can be controlled by touch screen of the electronic style.

Filling part is easy to adjust. You only adjust filling quantity to meet different specs. It is also easy to clean, you don't have to disassemble the unit, just fill with water to clean the filling machine.

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