2L Automatic bleaching liquid filling screw capping machine for detergent filler and capper system

2L Automatic bleaching liquid filling screw capping machine for detergent filler and capper

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Automatic bleaching liquid filling machine
2.316 SST,CIP clean
3.No drop leak,Simens,Schneider

Automatic bleaching liquid filling machine Product Description

It is suitable for filling all kinds of liquids with certain viscosity, widely used in industries like food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, etc. Using the pneumatic piston booster to fill, the filling precision is very high. The machine adopts PLC program system to control and the special three-way valve to fill. Equipped with 6-inch touch screen man-machine interface system, it's convenient and easy to operate. As the bottles go straight into the machine, it is suitable for bottles with different specifications and shapes, including alien-shaped bottles.

Automatic bleaching liquid filling machine characteristics:

1. Adopting the world-famous brands, like Taiwan Delta appliance and Taiwan AIRTIC pneumatic components, it has the incomparable advantages of low failure rate, stable and reliable performance as well as the surprising longevity. Also can be customized according to customs' requirements.

2. The parts contacting materials are all made of SUS316, and it's easy and convenient to dismantle and clean, totally in accordance with the requirement of food sanitation. The machine frame is SUS 304. Delicate in design and appearance.

3. Filling quantity and filling speed are simple to be adjusted. Position switch controls the bottle entrance and exit, Also the machine has the functions of no filling while no bottles and automatically feeding material by liquid level auto-controller. Beautiful appearance,

4. No need to change spare parts while bottles changes, just adjusting the conveying belts and filling heads can suit bottles of different sizes and shapes. Replacement parts of different shapes of specifications, with highly applicability.

5. And filling mouths equipped with drip-tight device ensures no phenomena of the wiredrawing and dripping and leakage.

6. The height and distance of filling heads can be adjusted, no interval between bottles.

7. Frequency conversion control speed, with auto counting function.

8. The whole machine is designed according to GMP requirements.