3.5ml liquid Small dose filling and capping machine with peristaltic pump filler and capper

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Purpose and introduction:
This machine is suitable for 1-30ml of various materials plastic or glass bottles
round eye drops filling. The machine consists of a cam indexing mechanism provides
precision indexing plate positioned on the plug cover decile; acceleration provided
capping head cam rotation lift; constant torque capping; peristaltic pump metering
canned; touch screen control. No bottle no filling, No plug does Capping, with precise
positioning, smooth transmission, protective caps, metering accurate, and easy
operation. This equipment complies with GMP requirements.

1. Microcomputer set, QTY accurate, easy to operate.
2. Host speed can be infinitely variable speed.
3. Production of automatic quantitative control.
4.Automatic shutdown function, for any one track in a row without filling, no case can be
automatically shut down within the plug.

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