30ml bottling machine for hemp oil|CBD bottle feeder filler capper labeler and sleeve applicator

30ml bottling machine for hemp oil|CBD bottle feeder filler capper labeler and sleeve applicator

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The rotary filling machine has the advantages of accurate positioning, stable transmission, accurate measurement and simple etc. Servo motor driven capping, accurate filling measurement with piston type, no drip filling, no bottle and no filling function; automatic inner plug and outer cap, no bottle and inner plug, outer cap function; PLC can be used Programming control, touch screen man-machine interface system, simple and convenient operation; fully comply with GMP requirements.

advantage of vial filling machine:
1. Work flow: unpacking/supplying bottles→washing bottles (optional)→filling→adding dropper/(inner stopper—upper outer cover)→screw cap→labeling/sleeve labeling (optional)→hit Code/spray code (optional) → into the box (optional).
2. This machine adopts servo screw cap, equipped with automatic slip device to prevent damage to the bottle cap.
3. Filling with peristaltic pump or piston pump, accurate measurement and convenient control.
4. The filling system has the function of sucking back and there is no leakage of liquid.
5. Man-machine interface operation, PLC control system, no bottle without filling (only peristaltic pump)/without inner plug/without outer cover.
6. The whole line is small, exquisite, fast, and highly automated, which greatly saves labor costs.
7. The casing of the whole machine is made of 304 stainless steel, easy to clean, and the machine complies with GMP requirements.
8. The main electrical components of this machine adopt well-known brands.
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