5 gallon jerry can labeling machine manufacturers|YQ machinery pressure sensitive labeler machine

5 gallon jerry can labeling machine manufacturers|YQ machinery pressure sensitive labeler machine

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This jerry can labeling machine is a double-sided labeling machine, suitable for double-labeling of flat bottles, square bottles. It is equipped with a large power rubber roller supporting mechanism for round bottles, which is suitable for labeling longer labels on round bottles.
Can quickly change the specifications of different sizes of bottles, simple operation, neat, beautiful, clean, easy to clean;
Suitable for labeling on both sides of flat bottles, square bottles and round bottles in various industries, and equipped with a round bottle power large rubber roller supporting mechanism, suitable for labeling longer labels on round bottles, such as daily chemical, petroleum, and motor oil , Detergent, food, food and beverage, medicine, etc.

The feature
1. Fast speed: 3000-6000 bottles/H (the narrower the label, the faster the speed)
2. High accuracy: within ±1mm (eliminate the error between the bottle and the label)
3. Quick to change the bottle;
4. Eight-dimensional adjustment of the header, which is extremely convenient to adjust the desired angle.
5. The machine has strong stability, and it is convenient and quick to adjust to new products.
6. It is more widely suitable for double-sided labeling of special-shaped products without dismantling any parts.
7. Parts are made strictly in accordance with food safety;
8. High precision of parts processing;
9. Each host head adopts a control system to make labeling more stable;
10. Adopting a new type of host head, convenient adjustment, novel design and good stability;
11. The control system program is advanced, and the label stop accuracy is high to ensure the labeling accuracy;
12. The main components adopt imported brands, which increase the stability and durability of the machine
13. To change bottles of different sizes, just adjust the equipment.
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