5 gallon pail filling machine|pail lid press machine

5 gallon pail filling machine|pail lid press machine
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Introduction of pail filling equipment:
It is suitable for the filling of containers with different specifications. The filling specifications can be switched within a few minutes, with a short filling cycle and high production capacity. The replacement of filling specifications does not require the addition of spare parts, and only needs to be adjusted to complete. Users can choose the number of fillings to determine the number of filling heads according to their own production capacity. The touch operation color screen can display the production status, operation procedures, filling methods, etc , Intuitive screen, simple operation and easy maintenance. Each filling head is equipped with a bottle cap setting to ensure accurate positioning of the filling.
       The design adopts the linear grouping into and out of the bottle to expand the filling function. Containers of various shapes can be effectively filled in this equipment. The international advanced gas filling valve is selected to ensure that there is no leakage in the filling process. No coveting, powerful PLC software support, can achieve ideal filling operations, man-machine interface, all operations are completed on the touch color screen

Technical Parameters for pail filling machine:
1. Number of filling heads: 4
2. Filling capacity: 30L
3. Filling form: weighing quantitative multi-head filling
4. Filling accuracy: ± 1%
5. Production speed: 8-12 barrels / min
5. Material: Stainless steel filling frame
6. Program control: PLC + touch screen
7. Filling nozzle and transition material trough and other parts in contact with liquid: 304 # stainless steel, stainless steel hose
8. Air pressure: 0.6-0.8MPa
9. Conveying motor: frequency conversion motor
10. Power: about 1.5KW / AC220V 50 / 60HZ
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