5L volumetric filling and capping machine |1 gallon f-style size liquid soap dispenser

5L filling and lid sealing machines for 1 gallon f-style size bottle filler

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Multi-head piston filling machine is a new-generation automatic fillER machine developed by our company based on many years of production experience and absorbed the world's advanced technology. This bottle filling machinery adopts the piston-type quantitative principle. The electrical and pneumatic components are selected from world-renowned brands. They are controlled by PLC and human-machine interface. The design is novel, the appearance is beautiful, the interface is friendly, the adaptability is simple, the operation is accurate, the filling amount is accurate, and the maintenance is convenient . Widely applicable to filling of various liquids, viscous bodies, pastes, replacement of filling valves (ie, automatic filling machines for thick sauces with multiple heads), and filling of semi-fluid, pastes and sauces containing particles Wait.

Other features of liquid filler:
① Using world-renowned brands of electrical and pneumatic components, low failure rate, reliable performance and long service life.
② Using high-strength stainless steel frame, easy to disassemble, easy to clean, meet GMP requirements
③ The filling volume and filling speed are easy to adjust, operated and displayed by the touch screen, and the appearance is beautiful;
④ It is equipped with no bottle and no filling function, and the liquid level is automatically controlled for feeding;
⑤ You can quickly adjust bottles of different shapes and specifications without changing parts;
⑥ The filling head is equipped with a special leak-proof device, and there is no drawing or dripping during filling.
Note: The filling range and speed can be designed according to user needs for different filling heads.

Technical Parameters of 5L filling and capping machine:
Model YQGZ-5L
Filling range 1000 ~ 5000ml (can be customized)
Filling speed 400-600 bottles / hour
Measurement accuracy ± 1%
Rated power, voltage 2.5kw, 220v
Working pressure 6 ~ 7kg / cm2
Air consumption 0.5-0.7mpa
Machine net weight 800kg
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