accumulation tables conveyors for 1 gallon jug|bottling line turntable

accumulation tables conveyors for 1 gallon jug|bottling line turntable

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product details
The mesh belt conveyor accumulator is also called mesh belt conveyor line, which can be divided into mesh belt conveyor and mesh chain conveyor. The mesh belt conveyor accumulation table is a revolution to the traditional belt conveyor. It overcomes the difficulty of belt conveyor maintenance, and the belt is easily torn, punctured, and corroded. It provides customers with a safe, fast, and simple maintenance Delivery method. Because the mesh belt conveyor uses modular plastic mesh belts, and the transmission mode is driven by sprocket, the conveyor belt is not easy to snake or deflect, and because the conveyor mesh belt is thick, it can withstand cutting, collision, and is resistant to oil and water. , So that the industry will not have trouble in maintenance when using it, especially in the replacement of the conveyor belt, reducing a cost.

The accumulation tables conveyors we use can be selected according to customer needs (domestic, imported/oil-resistant, water-resistant, and high-temperature resistant). The mesh belts of different materials can play different conveying roles and meet the needs of different environments. We modify plastic materials The conveyor belt can meet the conveying requirements between minus -10 degrees and 120 degrees Celsius. The mesh belt pitch is 12.7, 19.05, 25.4, 27.2, 38.1, 50.8 optional, and the opening rate is optional from 2% to 48% , All products are certified by authoritative certification bodies. We strive to be perfect in products and services, and we can tailor mesh belt conveyors of different specifications according to the special needs of customers.
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