Auto Bottled Non-viscous Liquid Filling Machine,two heads olive oil filler,オリーブオイル充填機

Auto Bottled Non-viscous Liquid Filling Machine,two heads olive oil filler,オリーブオイル充填機
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Automatic Bottled Liquid Filling Machine The flow meter filling,PLC,etc.Filling for water,no bubble and nonviscous liquid.

Technical performance :

The filling machine adopts the fixed flow channel parameter, controlling the flow meter by controlling the filling time to realize filling for different measurement. The filling process is under control of PLC. All operations complete on the touching screen. It is applicable for chemical ,pesticide, daily chemical,food,cosmetic, medicine industry for the filling of water aqua and no bubble fluid etc.

This filling machine has properties of reliable and stable performance. high efficiency, good adaptability, changing the measurement specification in minutes(no need to change any components, just adjust ),It is the most ideal filling equipment up to now.

Performance advantages :

1.Control system----This filling machine adopts Mitsubishi PLC control system, random minitrim filling measurement

2..Control panel----5.6 in. colour operation interface, easy-operated , stable and reliable

3..Function improvement----The feeding nozzle is equipped with filling blocker(prevent drawing, dropping and leaking). This filling machine can realize diving filling according to the material properties.(this function can be selected)

4.Real-time alarm----This filling machine can realize automatic alarming when the fault happens,automatic stopping and alarming when the system

appears serious breakdown.

5.Electrical elements----Adopting international famous brand to ensure the remarkable quality, stability and high precision.

6.Machine elements----The parts contacted with the material use the 316 high-quality stainless steel and non-poisonous, anti-corrosive PTEF hose.Other machine parts use the 304 high-class stainless steel.

7. Expansion function----- We can carry out special configuration according to the customers' requirements.(material airtight, heating and sterilizing etc.)

8.Counting detection----Real- time counting, reflecting the output directly.

9.Filling detection----No-bottle no-filling, it will not conduct filling if the bottles are not enough.

10.Function upgrading---We have designed intelligent weighing feedback system to realize the unmanned debugging function.(this function can be select, extracharge)

11.Maintenance condition----This filling machine fully accords to the GMP requirements, easy to disassemble and clean.

12.Changing specification----No need to change any components, easy to realize changing the bottle types by simple adjusting

13.Environmental protection configuration----Equipped with eco-friendly frame, realizing more clean and sanitary operation environment.(this environmental protection configuration can be selected)

Technical parameters:

1. Filling head:2 heads (2/4/6/8/10/12/16 heads can be selected)

2. Application:40 -1000ml(various bottle shapes)


4.Suitable bottle diameter:40-100mm

5. Filling error: ±1%

6. Filling Speed: ≤3000bottles/hour(100ml water for test)

7.Machine weight:300 kg

8.Overall Dimension:2000 × 800 × 2200mm

9.Air source requirements:stable 0.55Mpa-0.65Mpa air

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