Auto Double-sided Labeler Adhesive Labeling Machine for Flat Bottles Label Applicator

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1. This machine can label for flat or round bottle, not only can label for one side, but also can label two sides. It is easy to operate and to connect to other production lines. Adopting stainless steer materials make the production process environmental and healthy. The using of advanced technology makes the label machine more effective and accurate.

2. Automatic high-speed servo horizontal labeling machine is easy to operate, just need to start power supply, lightly click the start button, then the whole equipment gets into the production status. The product which needs labeling through sending tube, sensing starting signal, getting out label, rolling label, finally finishing the whole production procedure.
3. Accuracy and fastness are characteristics of this product.
Description: can operate independently or interface transmission lines.
Types of bottles: glass bottles, plastic bottles, flat shape, round shape, or square shape of the object.
Warning function: warning without ribbon, broken standard, lack of standard warning (electrical isolation).
Bottle-shaped diameter:15-200mm 30-320mm high
Labels: high 15-150mm, length 15-300mm
Roll diameter:76mm
Labeling Speed:80-200 bottles (depending on bottle size).
Accuracy error: ± 0.5 (depending on the bottle, perpendicularity may be)
Voltage: 220V 50/60HZ 2.5KW
Weight: 280KG
Dimension: 1600 ×1300×1500mm
The key parts of the machine are imported products. All the parts are made of stainless steel and aluminum materials, which meet the manufacturers' requirements because of its novel and beautiful appearance.
automatic high speed labeling machine easy to operate, just turn the power on, gently click the start button, the entire device will enter production in the state, the labeling of products to go through, get control, sensing the start signal, a standard, label, on the whole production process to complete, accurate, fast, feature of this product.

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