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automatic electronic cigarette oil filling machine
1.Adopt advanced technology
2.Compact structure
3.High quality

1. Brief Introduction of the automatic electronic cigarette oil filling machine
The Machine is suitable for round plastic/glass bottles. It is widely used in beverage, food, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries.
This machine is the main part of liquid filling production line, which meets the GMP requirements. This machine adopts high-quality 304 stainless steel materials; it's suitable for filling, stopper plugging, capping for plastic bottles. Advanced design and compact structure are features of the filling machine. Replacement is very convenient. Combined with other devices can achieve the goal of operation in line.

2. Production Process of the automatic electronic cigarette oil filling machine
When the bottles in an even row which sent by conveyor reach filling part, filling nozzles will go deep down to inside of bottle and begin to fill. The nozzle will go up slightly to bottleneck, then filling stops. The conveyor will convey bottles to equal-index plate. The plate makes bottles do intermittent motion in the function of cam indexer. Bottles arrive at plugging part, then go to capping part. When finish capping, bottles will be sent to the next process by conveyor.
Manipulator type double liquid filling machine is the latest product of my company developed in recent years, with themicrocomputer steps set wriggle pump machine adopts precision ceramic pump) (special occasions and has the automatic filling, automatic plug, screw cover a variety of functions. Under the machine configuration domestic unique dedicated manipulator, and screw cap in the form of swing arm, accurate under cover, screw cap adopt servo motor torque mode,screw cap firmness, convenient adjustment so as to realize fully automated.
1. The setting of the microcomputer, the load precision, convenient operation.
2. The filling system can be customized to suction function, no drop leak.
3. Using manipulator automatic brush, spiral cover.
4. Automatic stop function, for any orbital consecutive without filling, automatic stop without cover.
This machine has three functions, liquid filling, spout putting and pressing, outer cover capping 3in1 machine. Also may according to the customer request to capping outside lid. No bottle, no filling. This machine is simple operation, saving merits of human, not consumption field, etc. It can be equipped with a protecting cover and a checking-drop installation according to client's requirement.

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