Auto high-speed linear capping machine glass bottle capper In-Line Srewing-Cap equipment

Auto high-speed linear capping machine glass bottle capper In-Line Srewing-Cap equipment,リニアツイストキャップマシン
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Auto high-speed linear capping machine 1.automatic screwing plastic twist cap 2. employs rub type screw technology

Auto high-speed linear capping machine

Main use:

The machine is widely used for full-automatic screwing plastic cap in foods & beverage, paste, medicine, chemicals industries and so on.

Main features and performance:
1.This capping machine employs rub type screw technology, with simple structure and high working efficiency; This technology avoids the problems of bottle slipping, napping, wearing and damaging caused by the traditional capping machine;.
2.The machine can automatically complete a series of processes including cap arranging, cap positioning and cap screwing featuring high automation, reasonable design, tight structure and convenient operation;
3.Photosensor, approximate switch and other elements are products of international famous brand which can make sure no filling when no bottle and reliable cap positioning;
4.Due to its strong adaptability and convenient adjustment, this machine can fill different types of bottles without changing many components;
5.The frame and body of machine are made of high-quality stainless steel integrated with the electric and pneumatic components which are world- renowned brands of low failure rate, stable performance and long service life.

Main technical parameters:


Cap diameter


Bottle Diameter


Bottle Height


Capping speed



Pressure :220V/50HZ Power :1500W




About 720kg

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