Auto ketchup filling line 1L bottle washing 6 nozzles linear filler capping induction sealer machine

Auto ketchup filling line 1L bottle washing 6 nozzles linear filler capping induction sealer machine
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Automatic Water Bottle Washing Machine
The machine is mainly used for the the bottle washing before filling in pharmaceutical,chemical and food and beverage industry.
Polished washing mechanism can be added according to the washing chemicals' requirement. The bottles will be conveyed to the roller through the turntable, then the roller will do rotation, bottle body washing, ultrasonic rough washing, polished washing, gas flushing will be fulfilled, after this the bottle is clean bother outer and inner part.The polished washing mechanism can be customized.
Bottle diameter:φ18-φ100mm
Capacity: 4800-12000BPH
Water Consumption: 0.6-1T/H
Main Power: 1.8KW

Linear filling machine:
The automatic linear viscous piston filling machine is an extremely flexible filler capable of filling accurately and rapidly any viscosity liquids. Product delivery from your bulk tank to the pistons can be configured with a buffer tank utilizing a level-sensing float, a manifold with direct draw, or recirculation methods.
The automatic linear piston filler is manufactured with a 304 stainless steel frame and is capable of supporting 1 to 12 fill nozzles PLC Controls, touch screen, food grade contact parts, stainless steel and anodized aluminum construction, plus many more features come standard.
automatic piston fillers are designed to add efficiency to any production line used in the cosmetic, food industry, specialty chemical, pharmaceutical, and personal care industries. Additional options are available for sanitary, hazardous, flammable and corrosive environments
304 Stainless steel construction , and the liquid contact parts are 316L stainless steel
All contact parts can be Teflon, Vinton and hoses per your requirements.
No bottle ,no fill, PLC control
The filling blocked nozzles are anti drops, silk, and auto cut viscous liquid
Accurate filling volume, within ±1% and a total bottle counter.
Easy to maintain, no special tools are required
Special seals or hoses are adapted if the liquid are corrosive.
Diving nozzles for bottom up filling of foaming products if need
Bottle mouth can be located.
Semi-viscous and viscous liquids; catsup, mustard, syrups, salsa, mayonnaise, honey, peanut butter, jellies, dipping sauces, lip balm, shampoo, thick soaps, styling gels, facial masks, wax, glue, grease, sealants, silicone and much more
Standard construction material: 304SS
Numbers of filling nozzles: 1-12 filling nozzles for optional
Filling size: 50-200ml, 100ml-1000ml and 1000ml-5000ml
Standard power: 220V, 50, single phase or 380V, 50/60Hz
Dimension and weight: subject to the model configuration and customer products.

Automatic single head capping machine:
1. Sealing pressure can be adjusted by torques to suits for various caps.
2. Controlled by PLC system with touch screen, easy to read and operate.
3. No bottle, no capping.
4. Intermittent rotate wheel to ensure precise bottle position.
5. Memory parameters for fast changeover.
6. Heavy duty top-chain conveyor is stable and durable.
7. Subtle sealing heads make capping precisely.
8. Cap hopper makes caps dropping down and aligning automatically.
9. Rotate wheel and sealing head are changeable.
10. Equipped with rubber on the bottom to diminish cap breakage.
Cap type: all kinds of caps
Cap diameter: 22~120 mm
Capping speed: 30~40 bottles/ min
Air pressure requirement: 6kg
Power supply: 110V or 220VAC, 50/60Hz

Induction sealer"
Main technical parameters:
Voltage AC110V/AC 220V/ AV380,single/three phase 50/60Hz.
Power 4.5Kw.
Capacity 0-280 bottles /min
Caliber 15-60mm, 50-120mm
Container Bottles, jars, cans, made of glass, paper, plastic, PVC, PET, PE, ceramics, tins, etc.
Sealing material Aluminum foil with hot melt adhesive
Cooling Air cooling
G.W. 90Kg.
Dimension L1300*W550*H1350mm

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