auto linear liquid filling machine with twin nozzles filler,Máquina de rellenar líquida automática

automatic liner liquid filling machine,Máquina de rellenar líquida automática

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aAutomatic liner filling machine
Productive, easy to control and operate
speed and qty adjustable
anti-stretch and leak proof

automatic liner filling machine

It is the new designed machine based on our transitional filling machine. It adds some additional functions.

It is widely used on daily chemical, petrochemical industries etc. The design is tight and reasonable. The appearance is in simple but grand style. Easy to operate, high precision, easy to assemble, adjust, wash and maintain.

It has 6 synchronous filling heads driven by 6 air cylinders. The filling is fast and accurate.

It adopts pneumatic parts from German FESTO and Taiwan AirTac and electrical control parts of Taiwan Delta. The performance is stable.

The parts which touch the container directly adopt 316L stainless steel.

It adopts South Korea sensor device, Taiwan PLC and France Electrical components.

Easy to adjust and no bottle no filling. Accurate filling quantity and has counting function.

Adopt antistretch and leak proof filling bulkhead, anti high foaming filling left system, position system to ensure bottle position and liquid level control system

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