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Fully Automatic Single Side Adhesive Sticker Labeling Machine For Flat Bottles,Adesivo adesivo Labeling Máquina
1. The using of vertical labeling pattern, together with the special press device, secures stability of the bottle; the long segment correction mechanism ensures the centration of any flat or square bottle, which has greatly improved the labeling accuracy.

2.Human-machine interface provides users with a convenient operation platform and explicit device status monitoring, simplifying maintenance and fault inspection work and greatly accelerates the pace of work.

3.The power unit of the label sending scaler adopts an international advanced servo system, with label sensor sensitivity adjustable. And it is also capable to adjust its photographic sensitivity according to various light transmission and different length of the label backing paper, which ensures a standardized label sending with a smooth and accurate label attachment.

4.The majority of the elements, including base cabinet, conveyor belts, gear lever firmware, are made of stainless steel and aluminum materials, which ensures absence of rust or pollution and compliance with the GMP environmental requirements.

Bottle size: for square or flat bottle, 30-90mm; Height:300mm
Round Bottle: 20-90mm (Round bottle belt is required)
Label length: 10-175mm
Production rate: 50-240 package/min
Air source pressure: 0.5-0.7Mpa

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