auto single side labeling machine for round bottles sticker adhesive label applicator manufacturer

automatic single side labeling machine for round bottles sticker adhesive label applicator manufacturer

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Brief Introduction:
The product function characteristics:

1, the machines are suitable for single side, and flat bottle of bottle or round three face party of surround type labeling, round bottles of the week before and after paste, symmetrical type label, stick dot
2, Chinese and English touch the operating system and realize the man-machine dialogue, easy operation
3, with the German Siemens PLC and servo motor closed-loop control, ensure the labeling stability, high reliability
4, 750 W high power, big torque super small inertia send standard motor, poster speed can reach 45 m/min
5, send labeling module can be 8 d adjustment, header but different Angle adjustment, change different sizes of products regulation simple and quick
6, level 3 above precision extension spring to mark the clutch, make tags tension more stable, run more smoothly, high speed labeling precision is high
7, with pressure by dual made stem support, the double screw chain transmission, easy adjustment
8, separate pressure with article mat, products in different location to the pressure setting, but also conducive to pressure with heat dissipation
9, plastic with the polymer material, the special design, ensure that was posted an accurate positioning, improve the labeling precision, 2 d space adjustment, adjustable space is large
10, USES dynamic soft rubber roller to ensure quality labeling, cylinder clip roller institutions to label precision
11, dedicated to round label, repeat labeling high precision and no bubble
12, high precision positioning magic eye, can be in any position of the products specified accurate label
13, reciprocating air cylinder product positioning, an optional stick a tag or two labels, especially suitable for the round before and after the bottle label symmetric positioning
14, according to your needs connection line flow operation, can also according to the customer request special design

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