automatic 2 heads pail filling machine

Pail filling Machine for liquid
Shanghai npack produce many types of liquid filling machine, such as liquid weighing and filling machine, automatic over flow liquid filling machine, piston type liquid filling machine and gravity type liquid filling machine, the capacity and filling volume is different for different types model and systems, now we many recommend customer use our NP-VF automatic liquid filling machine which is specially design for filling liquid types from thin liquid to viscous liquid, customer have a good choice if they filling different viscous liquid.
Main structure of automatic liquid filler which is base on piston volumetric system
a.120L to 200L Top hopper for option, double Jacket hopper with heating and mixing system for option
b.Main body of machine made by 304SS
c.Anti-drop filling nozzzles,
Filling nozzles moving up and down by air cylinder, and servo motor moving up and down for option
d.PLC control system, and HMI operation
e.Specially made horse and valve for liquid, with CIP system connect horse.
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