Automatic 8 heads liquid filling machine

Shanghai npack produce many types of liquid filling machine, such as liquid weighing and filling machine, automatic over flow liquid filling machine, piston type liquid filling machine and gravity type liquid filling machine, the capacity and filling volume is different for different types model and systems, now we many recommend customer use our NP-VF automatic liquid filling machine which is specially design for filling liquid types from thin liquid to viscous liquid, customer have a good choice if they filling different viscous liquid.
Main Feature
1.Controlled by servo system.Adjustable filling speed.Intergrated digital control with Schneider PLC and high tech touch screen controls for easy operation.
2.Designed for easy changeover and cleaning.
3.Professional manufacturing techniques using the ISO-9001 system.
4.304 or 316L stainless steel.
5.Digital control system to enable multiple filling actions on the same bottle for double,triple and more.

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