Automatic adhesive sticker labelling machine plane label applicator,Máquina de etiquetas automática

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Automatic adhesive sticker plane labeler machine ,Máquina de etiquetas automática

Be suitable for labeling the substrates with flat panels such cartons in pharmacy, food,electronics, hardware and so on. Especially used for labeling anticounterfeit labels, logistic and other labels on folder cartons.

Optional carton separating function could separate the piled folded cartons.
Optional vacuum sucking belt ensures the stable running of the substrates.
Servomotor from Japan ensures the high labeling accuracy.
World renowned brands of electrical components ensure the stable and reliable performance.
Unique sand-glass material label traction roller with excellent driving grip and wear resistance ensures durability and labeling accuracy.Optional machine vision and barcode reading units could detect whether the label content is correct and/or labeling is good or not.

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