Automatic bag labeling machine with plastic pouch paper card label application machines low price

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1.Easy operation, Easy printing.
2.High accuracy,high quality and high speed
3.Low cost

Application of plane labeling machine:
Labeling on the top surface of different kinds objects, such as pouch,bag,cap,box and so on

1). --Adopt imported electromagnetic clutch with best accuracy.
2). --The machine shell adopts high class aluminum alloy anodic treatment, with long life span service.
3). --Adopt famous factory electric motor to ensure high load and long period operation.
4). --All parts and standard components are carefully made of stainless steel.
5). --With PLC control panel, liquid crystal display, the operation is simple and convenient, the function is stable.
6). --Imported label inspection optical coupler can ensure high precision.
7). --There is a code printer on the machine if you need, it also can print three lines like the expire date, valid date, batch number

Main technical parameters for top labeling machine:
Production(pcs/min) 30-150
Driving Mode Servo motor
The way of labeling top labeling
Conveyor speed ≤40 (m/min)
Label Specification adhesive sticker,transparent or opaque label(can be customized)
The application of objects customizing
The application of label Height 20-70mm Length 25-120mm (can be customized)
The inner diameter of label roll 76mm
The outer diameter of label roll 350mm(max)
Power of motor (w) 500W
Power supply AC220V 50/60HZ Single phase
Dimension (mm) 2200 (L) 900 (W) 1600 (H) mm

About Packing:
To ensure our service quality, we will execute the following packaging standards in delivery:
1.All the products before delivery should be tested by assemble and debugging engineer, wiped up and cleaned, then wrapped by stretch film to protect it from moist. The precision part need to flexible package.
2.In addition, without standard tools, manual and other documents, and allow ex-factory confirmation sheet, the machine cannot leave factory All the products will be packed in wooden case. The exported products use plywood case to pack. The foot margin of equipment fixed tightly to make the machine can experience loading and uploading, the upward mark will be posted on the wooden case.

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