Automatic Box Labeling Machine| Top Labeling Machine

Top side sticker labeling machine is produced by Shanghai Npack Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. Which can label the Top carton, Tin Cans , Pouch and all kinds of plane surface.
The label is the sticker/self-adheisve label. Surface labeling machine.
Top Side Sticker Labeling Machine is is suitable for all kinds of objects with plane surface, such as boxes, bottles, cans, etc. Widely used in cosmetic, drinks, chemical, medical, food industry, stationery CD, various oil, etc, Top labeling machine plan surface.
Main Feature
PLC and Touch control system
Main body of machine is 304SS
We adopt the servo motor and sensor (Made in Japan) in order to assure great label exact
Fixing coding machine to print the date information on label
No object , No Labelling
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