Automatic Circumferential Surface and Top Labeling Machine For Round Bottles Adhesive Labeller

Automatic Circumferential Surface and Top labeling Machine For Round Bottles Adhesive Labeller

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1. Auto labeler
2. Suit for labeling round bottles
3. High capacity and labeling precision
4. Touch screen and PLC contorl

For all types of cylinders such as plastic bottles, bottle, salad oil bottles, wine bottles, sauce pot...And so on.

PLC control with large-scale human-machine interface, easy to read, easy to read, beautiful.
Multiple sets of labeling parameters memory for fast replacement of products.
The whole machine is stainless steel and anodized aluminum is made of high-level, never rust, meet the GMP standard.
The machine features a bottle guide is, sub-bottle, label lost level, counting among others.
Labeling position, height, adjustable.
Conveyor belt on the production line can be connected.


1. Labeling speed: 0 ~ 25 meters / min, can be adjusted.
2. Labeling accuracy: ± 1mm (does not include products and label errors)
3. For roll diameter: Dia. 76mm
4. Maximum roll diameter: Dia. 300mm
5. Voltage: 110V/220V, 50/60Hz
6. Standard label height: 120mm these

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