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Automatic Edible Oil Bottle Filling Machine is controlled by PLC. It is a high-tech product integrating light, machine, electricity and gas. It is easy to install, easy to operate, and suitable for a wide range of bottle types. Due to PLC control, the filling accuracy is 0.1%. The whole machine adopts stainless steel structure, computer control, mechanical transmission, frequency control, pneumatic positioning and photoelectric detection.The machine can be customized according to the needs of customers, meeting the requirements of GMP.
1.the capacity of the line is range from 800b/hour to 5000bottles per hour
2.the filling volume of the machine is range from 100ml to 5000ml
Main Features
1. This type of filling machine has reasonable design, small size and convenient operation;
2. The piston and cylinder block of the cylinder are made of stainless steel;
3. The filling quantity and filling speed can be adjusted arbitrarily with high filling precision;
4. Filling plug adopts non dripping, non drawing and lifting filling device, which can be applied to the filling of edible oil and other oils.
5 digital display
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