Automatic Eye Drop Filling Capping Machine| Eye Drop Filling Line

Eyedrop filling, plugging &capping machine for the application of round eyedrop bottle or similar ones, auto accomplish product filling, plug place, cap place, cap screw-on. The machine is composed by a load turntable, ceramic piston pump (alternative peristaltic pump) &fill nozzles, plug &cap sorter, Plug &cap placer, cap screw-on system, unload tray. The bottle loading/unloading is done manually, through loading turntable Ø500mm and unloading tray, or directly from an production line. It is designed and made accordance to GMP regulation.
Technical Features:
Kind of bottle:Round eyedrop bottle or similar
Bottle size: Min. Ø 20mm Max. Ø30mm
Speed: 100~150bpm on 5ml-20ml
Filling volume: 5ml~20ml
Filling accuracy: ±2%
Power: 220V 50/60Hz 1.5kw
Compress air require 50~70L/min, 4~6bar
Machine size:Length 2500 mm, width 1420 mm, height 1500 mm
Machine weight: 900kgs
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