Automatic Flat Labeling Machine For Jelly adhesive sticker labeler machinery with conveyor

Construction of machine

A: Principal machine
750W Panasonic ultra-small inertia servo motor, Panasonic servo amplifier, Danfoss frequency converter, Siemens Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), HITECH human-computer interface (operating interface with English and Chinese), SICK label sensor of Germany, Japan KEYENCE FS-V11 product testing photoelectric switch.

B: mechanical parts
Transport sector: black PU leather belt with high friction, Panasonic motor driver, to ensure product distribution smoothly and labeling accuracy.
Shaping sector: double coordinate adjustment of stainless steel rail.
Scratch mark sector: sponge, spring, steel plate combination, Teflon patch. (or flexible brush)
Supporting organizations: stainless steel body, aluminum frame.

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