Automatic Glass Bottle Washing drying filling capping and Labeling Production line

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It can accomplish bottle feeding, bottle washing, bottle drying, bottle filling, capping and labeling.
The linkage line consist of Bottle Feeding machine, Bottle washing machine, Bottle Drying Machine, Bottle Filling and Capping Machine, self adhesive labeler. It can be used for injection vial of different specifications and different techniques.

This production line has been absorbed and improved from the alike product abroad by our company. Its structure is reasonable, its automation is high. With the help of integration of mechanical and electric parts, it has a high production capacity and a high filling precision and most important, a stable running status. It fully comply with GMP regulations.

Main technical data:
Applied bottle range: 50-500ml
Powder supply: 380V 50Hz/220V 50HZ
Total power: 57KW
Filling precision: ±1%
The whole line bottle breakage ratio: 1%
Auto cap-adding ratio:99%
Whole line noise: 70 dB
Total weight: 4600kgs
Note: Can make special spec. according to the customer's requirements.

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