automatic glue labeling machine

This machine is widely used for the labeling of the round object in such industries as food, medicine, daily chemical and so on.
Product specification and parameter
1. Labeling capacity(pcs/min):60-150 pcs/min (Related to the material and label size)
2. Labeling accuracy(mm):±1.0mm
3. Bottle size:Outside diameterφ30-φ100mm (H)20-150mm
4. Label size: (L)20-200mm(H)20-140mm
5. Air pressure: 5KG/cm2
6. Power supply: AC220V 50Hz/60Hz 1800W
Feature of Glue Labeling Machine
1. Technical Feature:
(1)Adopt mechanical drive, drive all parts are enclosed leaching tank rotation, pliable and lighter, less faults, small noise
(2)The motor load is low, panel, rotary plate and conveyor belt is made of stainless steel
Products, does not rust, durable, easy cleaning and maintenance
(3)Can separate operation, also can design as attachment with production line
(4)Cover an area of an area small, cannot move, adjust the space of workplaces
(5)Suitable for chemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries round container labeling
(6)Products can increase the print device according to user requirements
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