Automatic High-speed Labeling Machine For Square Bottles Label Applicator

Automatic High-speed Labeling Machine for Square Bottles,Botella cuadrada máquina de etiquetado

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The High-speed Labeling Machine:
1.Labeling for square plastic bottles
2.High speed
3.High quality
4.Perfect design

General Introduction of The Automatic High-speed Labeling Machine:
Note: The high-speed labeling machine for square plastic bottles can be operated stand-alonely, and equipped with a bottle turntable, can also be equipped with independent working mesa
Product shaped: for square plastic bottles(Equipped with special equipment to deal with 1 ml of special small round product labeling.
Warning function: Warning when the ribbon is finished or broken, when lack of label, when lack of products and other operation specifications.

Main Technical Parameters:
The diameter of the product: 10-120 mm
The height of the product: 20-300 mm
The size of the label: H: 15-150 mm; L: 25-300 mm
The inside diameter of the roll: 76 mm
The outside diameter of the roll: 300 mm (maximum)
Labeling speed: 200-400 bottles/min
Error: ±0.5 (depending on the size of the product)
Voltage: 220V; 50/60HZ; 1.2KW
Weight: 220Kg
Dimensions: 1500×800×1300mm

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