Automatic horizontal labeler tubes labeling machine supplier vial label applicator

automatic horizontal round bottles labeling equipment,bouteille ronde machine d'étiquetage horizontal
automatic horizontal wrap-around label machine round bottle labeling machine

1. Machine main construction by stainless steel 304.
2.PLC combined with touch screen control system .
3.High accuracy labeling .
4.Servo motor driven labeling head, labeling speed is automatically synchronized with conveyor speed to ensure high speed and quality labeling .
5.Equiped with special designed product conveyor .
please tell us ur specification , we will recommend u the most suitable machine u need .

1.Hot printer
2.Transparent label sensor
3.Customer-made loading case for each product size .

Technical parameter :
labeling height /width : A : 10-110mm C: 10-170mm
Label length : 15-80mm
Product dia./width : 10-25mm
labeling speed : 12-25 m/ min
Reel inner /outer dia . within 76m/360mm

Our services:
A-The whole packing system
The Seller ensure the whole packing system can get to the requested capacity, accept and cooperate with the Buyer
to pass the final testing of the whole system.
B-On-site installation:
The Seller supply the on site installation for the whole packing system, but the fees including air tickets, foods, hotel
and translator in this period should be paid by User,the subsidy is 80USD/day.
B-Technical support
The Seller supplies the technical support of the whole use life of the system,including the vertical packing machine,
and theprocedures.
C-Spare parts supply
The Seller should supply the quick-wear parts with the machine, to help the Buyerin further using. In the quality
guarantee period, the Seller will supply the broken parts for free, except the easy worn parts or the damage is
caused by misoperation.After the guarantee period, the Seller will supply all the parts that the User need for the
whole use life of the machine in cost price.

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