Automatic jar bottling line honey ketchup jam piston filling tinplate cap sealing machine

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YQ Machinery manufactures a complete range of differnt filling systems to meet the needs of those working with foods and sauces. Our filling machines are available in all sanitary designs
featuring quick disconnect valves, tri-clamp fittings,and sanitary tubing. Sanitary pumps are also available for applications using viscous products. The reservoirs on our sanitary equipment feature flanged quick disconnect fittings so that the bottling machinery can be easily and thoroughly cleaned.YQ filling
machines are designed for easy setup, simple changeover, minimal downtime for maintenance & cleaning, and maximum versatility.

We understand the importance of focusing on sanitation, and durability when working with foods and sauces. Let our experienced sales and engineering teams work with you to develop a solution that will fit your liquid food and sauce bottling machinery needs.Liquids, Creams and paste are typically filled using one of volumetric piston fillers.We can provide the necessary “tooling” solution to meet your requirements.

1.Offer 4 filling heads
2.Filling liquid
3.PLC control system
4.stainless steel

This machine is high-tech filling machine.It is an ideal equipment.It is suitable for the filling of various liquids, like liquid egg,milk,juice,soy sauce ect, widely used in daily use food fields
Main performance and structure features:
1.Control system - with Mitsubishi /Delta PLC control system, filling dose of random tuning
2.Operation interface - colorful screen interface, human-machine interface is simple, safe and reliable
3.Feature Enhancements - Cutting with anti-drip device, it can dive to fill with materials. (This feature can be optional)
4.Electrical components - using internationally renowned brands to ensure the equipment is reliable and of high accuracy.
5.Mechanical components - the main parts is made of high quality stainless steel frame, contact part is made of stainless steel 316.
6.Extensions - can be customized for specific configuration requirements, such as: material sealed, heating, sterilization, etc.. (This feature can be optional)
7.Count testing - real-time count, reflecting on the work output directly.
8.Filling Detection - No bottle, or when bottle filling number is not enough, no filling

Technical Parameters:
Applicable specifications 1L-5L
Production capacity 1000-2000bottles per hour
Filling accuracy ±1%
Capping rate ≥99%
Power supply 220V / 380V;50Hz/60Hz can be customized
Power 2kW
Total dimension 2800 * 1000 * 2000MM

Bottle Capping Machine
Features of single nozzle capping machine:
1.Easy to operate
2.Greatly increase working efficiency
3.Compact structure; grasping cap and screw cap function
1) inline type cap grasping screwing machine is designed to achieve the rationalized production objectives. Capping procedure adopts automated control, easy operation, fast production speed and excellent sealing effect (material for PE, PP, PS, PVE, and PET). Capping position is unified, beautiful and neat.
2) inline type cap grasping screwing machine is suitable for round/square/flat containers of pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries to cap covers. The machine has equipped with self-test functions- detection of power stability, over-current, over-voltage, over-temperature control protection and phase locking.

1.Power of this machine is adjustable; working status can be displayed in the control panel.
2.This machine can graspe cover first and then screw it.
3.This machine is an ideal equipment, which caps bottle cover in pharmaceutical, pesticide, daily chemical and food industry, etc.
4.Note: this can also be used for theft - proof cover and screw cap and so on

Main Technical Parameters:
Air pressure 3-5kg/cm2
Production capacity 30-80bottles/min
Power 0.9kw
Machine dimensions(mm) 2000*1000*1600(L*W*H)
Weight 480kg

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