Automatic jerry can cover tightening machine manufacturers lid capper máquina taponadora

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Main Features
1.Simple structure in linear type ,easy in installation and maintenance.
2.The filling range and speed can be designed according to user needs to design different filling head number.
4.The whole machine is made of SS304 material,can meet the requirement of GMP.
6.Can be used for filling containers of different capacities and shapes without the need for additional replacement parts.
7.It can be used alone or connected to production lines, and can be combined with capping machine, labeling machine, date printer, etc., to save labor and increase output.
8.Easy to clean,all material contact part can be quick disassemble and cleaning.

Introduction of jerry can capping machine
In the 'last stop is inserted and screwed the cap and then exit the machine via the conveyor output. The caps are automaticall loading into jerry can and then got screwed and automatically. And 'possible to control the torque via a magnetic clutch adjustable

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