Automatic label applicator round bottle wet glue labeling machine with photoelectric paste labeler

Automatic round bottle wet glue labeling machine with photoelectric device vertical paste labeler

1gluing machine
2automatic gluing machine
3bottle gluing machine
4servomotor glue labeling
5CE automatic gluing machine

(1)The machine adopts imported PLC control system,or touch switch knob control,elected Japanese Omron photoelectric device,variable speed motors,conveyor chain board and imported belt related parts.
(2)Host design absorbed import machines'labeler transmits way,solving the general domestic labeling unstable factors.
(3)The machine is suitable for different bottles,easy adjustment,can be finished in a short time.
(4)The quick printer adopts the motor drive,gas drive.The words in the ribbon are clear and clean.
(5)The whole machine is designed to meet GMP standard.
(6)This machine is suitable for processing the big round label of medicine,chemical,food,commodity etc.

Operating principle:
By road line bottle to chain plate,the bottle after adjustment from the device into isometric arranged into photoelectric sensor area,by stepping motor control reel label paper get signal automatically send label,the correct will automatic peeling off label on the bottle paper tack.Another group of photoelectric sensor timely the restrictions of a standard paper is sent out.In the continuous bottle feeding process bid-winning paper by zhang right stick on the bottle,after roller planish,automatically output,complete the whole labeling process flow.

Operation procedure:
(1)As shown on the correct installation tags,adjust the height of each place.
(2)Check the label position is correct.
(3)Adjust elam bottle rool and volume label plate position.
(4)Open power supply,open photoelectric switch,the printer should preheating fifteen minutes.
(5)Open motor and send non-standard switch,try to labeling machine,if there are any complicationns,please exclude.
(6)Labeling height adjusting.
(7)Confirm touble-free hind can safe production.
(8)Power off.

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