Automatic label machine for sprayer|bottle labeling equipment for hand sanitizer liquid

Automatic label machine for sprayer|bottle labeling equipment for hand sanitizer liquid

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The round bottle high-speed automatic labeling machine adopts self-adhesive film labeling paper, and the labeling adopts the roll-on method. The automatic bottle feeding and bottle collecting device is prepared. The bottle unloading, labeling and bottle collecting procedures are completed at one time, and the printing machine can also be equipped. To complete the label printing synchronously, this labeling machinery adopts computer optical fiber control, synchronous tracking, and the label output is controlled by a mutual inductance stepper motor, which ensures automatic packaging machinery that synchronizes the label output speed with the bottle rolling speed. It is a modern mechatronics product with excellent and reliable performance. The self-adhesive labeling machine has the advantages of being clean and hygienic, not moldy, beautiful and firm after labeling, not falling off by itself, and high production efficiency.

label applicator features: flexible and easy to use, especially for the pharmaceutical industry packaging and label size often need to change the requirements, with automatic detection of container and label size, and automatic adjustment of advanced features. (For example: labeling of vials in the pharmaceutical industry, labeling of round bottles in the daily chemical / food industry, labeling of square bottles, and labeling of the production line supporting the user's site).
Strong expandability Optional all kinds of printers can be used to complete online real-time printing, can also be used stand-alone, can also meet the online use.

Performance characteristics of bottle labeler:
1. Intelligent control: It has the function of automatically detecting the label length and bottle diameter, and automatically adjusts the parameters to achieve intelligent control.
2. Man-machine conversational touch screen: easy to operate, intuitive, with rich help function and fault display function.
3. Storage of labeling parameters: preset 50 sets of labeling parameters (including bottle diameter and label length), no need to reset when changing bottles.
4. Separation design of bottle dividing wheel: wide application range and convenient adjustment.
5. Feeding and receiving configuration: when the single machine is used, the delivery (receiving) tray can be selected, and it can also be directly connected to the production line.
6. labeling equipment: flexible configuration of hot stamping machine or inkjet printer, etc. to complete coding and labeling simultaneously.
7. Bar code detection: A bar code reader can be added to realize online reading / detection of product bar codes, and automatically remove unreadable bar codes.
8. Design features to effectively prevent problems such as missed stickers, wrong stickers, and re-sticking caused by label rolls:
9. Intelligent label management (automatic alarm or shutdown when the label is almost used up).
10. Early warning and prompting function (automatic detection of labeling status, automatic alarm when failure occurs and prompt for processing information).
11. Optional image detection system, which can realize automatic alarm or rejection of missed stickers, wrong stickers, reposted stickers, and misplaced stickers
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