Automatic linear lid-pressing capping machine with conveyor belt máquina taponadora

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Main Features for chuck capping machine
◆ Control interface - using the traditional control panel knob control, user interface is simple, safe and reliable
◆ Electrical components - using internationally renowned brands, ensuring that equipment is reliable and of high accuracy.
◆ Mechanical components - transmission toothed belt and the clip bottle belt are from Italian wheat Gaudi, the rest parts of the machine are made of high-quality stainless steel 304.
◆ Function extensions - can be customized for special requirements allocation, for example: code remove scanning devices can be attached.
◆ Maintenance situations - the machine meet the GMP requirements, easy to disassemble, clean and maintain..
◆ Function with - this machine comes with lid device management, anti-covered self-excluded
◆ Exchange specifications –when changing filling specifications, you only need some simple adjusting to make it.
◆ Environmental configuration - the framework of environmental protection can be configured so that the operating environment is cleaner. (This function is customized on request)

Product Application
This machine is a universal capping machine. Caps or bottles changeovers are very quick, easy to be performed. No bottle no capping during the machine cycle. The arrange caps part adopts photoelectric to control the positive and negative side caps, it effectively improve the speed and qualified rate. At the same time it can reduce the gas consumption.

Production capacity:≤6000BPH
Applicable cap diameter:¢15-50mm
Suitable bottle diameter:¢35-90mm
Suitable bottle height:80-230mm
Capping accuracy:99%
Total power:2.0 Kw
Air consumption:20 Liter/minute
Power supply:AC customized by client
Remarks:We supply customized service
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