automatic Paste Metal/ALU Tube Filling Sealing Machine with PLC and touch screen control

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This machine is mainly used for plastic/laminated tube.The tube filling sealing machine can package such as toothpaste, cosmetics,food,medicine,it can filling cream and liquid into tubes,and thenautomatically.It can seal the tubes and auto finished tubes exit tube.

Product instruction for tube filling and sealing machine:
The machine can automatically orientate eye marks,filling,sealing,printing date and cutting the end.This machine is widely used in daily cosmetics,medicine and food industries.
Characteristics of Plastic-aluminum Composite Tubes Filling Sealing Machine For Toothpaste :
A reliable thermo-air heating system composes of high efficient heater and stable flow meter imported from Germany are applied.It adopts touch screen,PLC contol,auto tube feeding and positioning.The seal is firm and high effcient.The filling heads in different specifications are prepared for materials in different thickness.
Note of Plastic-aluminum Composite Tubes Filling Sealing Machine For Toothpaste :
A).automatic tube feeding,filling machine,heating,sealing ,cutting,date printing etc. Function.(Automatic mechanical transmission)
B).According to provide the sample of the bottle to made the mould.
The machine comes with a set of mold, if you have specifications vary widely.

Main technical parameters of tube filling machine:
1. power: ~220V,0.75kw
2. power consumption: 350W*2 +250W*2=1.2KW
3. filling volume: 50,100,200,250ml can be customized
4. Producing speed: 30-50pcs/min
5. filling accuracy: 1%
6. machine dimension: 1100X800X1600mm
7. Machine weight: 280kg
8. working air pressure: more than 0.4Mpa

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