automatic plastic tube labeler in horizontal way self adhesive labeling machine for blood tubes

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The machine adopts imported PLC control system, or touch switch knob control , elected Japanese Omron photoelectric device, variable speed motors, conveyor chain board and imported belt related parts.
Host design absorbed import machines' labeler transmits way, solving the general domestic labeling unstable factors.
The machine is suitable for different bottles, easy adjustment, can be finished in a short time.
The quick printer adopts the motor drive, gas drive. The words in the ribbon are clear and clean.
The whole machine is designed to meet GMP standard.
This machine is suitable for oral liquid, ampoules, tube, injection, eyedrop, pen etc.
This machine is widely used for such industries as food, medicine, fine chemical, cultural supplies, and electronics and so on. It is applicable for the labeling of the objects with small diameters and unable to stand up easily, such as oral liquid bottles, ampoule bottles, needle tube bottles, batters, hams sausages, test tubes, pens and so on.

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