Automatic round bottle wet glue labeling machine with date printer positioning label applicator

Automatic round bottle wet glue labeling machine with date printer positioning paste label applicator

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1. hot printer/ code machine
2.automatic feeding function(according to product)
3. automatic feeding function(according to product)
4. add labeling machine head
5. circumferential positioning labeling function
6. Other function(as customer's requirement).

The basic purpose
This wet glue labeling machine for gum water bottles can be used for beer, wine and other glass bottles, PVC or pet bottle glue label; it is easy to operate and to connect to other production lines. Adopting stainless steel materials make the production process more environmental and healthy.
The using of advanced technology makes the labeling machine more effective and accurate.

Application range
1. Applicable label: Paper label (without paste, the paste will daub by the machine).
2. Applicable product: Required to be labeled on the Circumference of surface or other Curved surface.
3. Application industry: Food and beverage, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, wine bottles
4. Application examples: Canned food bottles, wine bottles, glass bottles, PVC bottles, vial and other special shaped bottles, according to customer's requirements

wet glue labeling machine for gum water bottles can be equipped with the production line and can be stand-alone production too. Easy to operate, just turn the power on, gently click the start button, the entire device will enter the production status, the labeling of products via to get bottle, divided bottle, induction start signal, to send front label, to send back label, suction the front label, suction back label, marked on the front label, the back label, and finish the entire production process. Accurate, fast, are the features of this product.

Main technical parameters
1. Applicable label length: according to kind of customization and one machine is suitable for various size and shape of the label
2. Applicable label width: according to kind of customization.
3. Host Control: PLC control
4. Production capacity: 50-100 bottles / min.(according to one head or two heads)
5. Power: 220V50Hz
6. Frequency: 50HZ
7. Voltage: 1.5KW
8. Weight: 320Kg
9. Dimensions: 1700×1100×1000mm

Functions and characteristics
1. Easy to operate, the whole process can completed with simple operation.
2. Simple to adjust, particularly applicable to different types of bottles and labels, when change the type of the bottle, just adjust the sidebar, it will be suitable for the bottles with different diameters.
3. Saving glue, the thickness of the glue is adjustable as required, greatly reduce the waste of the glue.
4. With high labeling accuracy, positioning accuracy in the body of the bottle.
5. With high labeling quality, labeling is flat drape without warping, improve the packing grade.
6. With high degree of automation, the paper deliver, gluing, labeling, and fix label are all completed automatically.
7. With wide range of application, can meet the label which diameter ranged from 10mm-120mm, we also provide customization.
8. Easy cleaning, when the parts is required to be cleaned, which is easy to take down.
9. The key part of the machine, all imported products. All of the parts are made of stainless steel and aluminum materials, which meet the manufacturers’ requirements because of its novel and beautiful appearance

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