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We are manufacturer of a wide variety of labeling equipment .There are several type of labeling machines:adhesive labeling machines,wet glue labeling machines,hot melt labeling machines. Our labeling solutions utilize the latest technologies to achieve the highest speeds and most accurately labeled bottles on the market. our labeling Machinery can range from high speed sleeve labeling system down to single head bench top labelers for low speed labeling.

Main Performance Features of paste labeling machine:
1. Basic usage
(1)Applicable to label a whole curved surface or half curved surface on rotundities produced by medicine, food, agrochemical and other industries
2. Operating principle
(1) Designed aiming at round bottles in all sizes
When it is running, the pasting-pole with a label will take some resin adhesive and then the label box convey a label to turret, and after rotating the label will be absorbed to vacuum belt and pasted onto bottles.
3. Features of wet glue labeling machines:
(1)The complete machine is made of 304 stainless steel and advanced aluminum alloy, which is artistic and elegant and in accord with the production reguirements of GMP.
(2) This machine finishes the works of dividing papers, conveying, taking paste, labeling and label -pressing, which promotes the labeling efficiency greatly.
(3)The amiable and advanced touch human-computer interface which is easy and intuitionistic to operate has complete functions including abundant on line help.
(4) The bottles are conveyed into mechanism by screw, run stably, and are located reliably. The use of rubbing and rolling mechanism ensures a reliable paste between label and bottles, which is equipped a protector to ensure stopping delivery, taking paste and labeling without bottles there.
(5)There is a precision process that the paste is well-distributed and the gelatinized paste thickness can be adjusted according to demands, which avoid omitting or wasting paste under cooperation of the glue box made of high purity copper and idler wheel made of stainless steel.
(6)The purpose made rubber idler wheel is processed within several steps which will not transform and has a wear resistance; the paste is well-distributed and thin with a saving of that.
(7) Intelligent control and automatic photoelectric tracking with fuctions of cancelling labeling work without objects in use, autocorrection without labels in the machine and label automatic check to avoid omitting or wasting labels
(8) The labels are absorbed by vacuum and pasted smoothly onto bottles under the cooperation of belt.
(9) The running speed of motor can be adjusted freely with the use of frequency converter so as to control the labeling capacity freely.
(10) This machine can work solely or be connected with production line.
(11)It can be washed easily and speedy with a separate design among glue box, pasting idler wheel and turret.
(12) The complete machine has good quality such as better stability, long service time and low maintenance ratio with the adopting of world famous electrical configurations.
(13) It could be adjusted with a stepless speed regulation according to the demands of labeling speed, feeding speed and separating bottles.
(14) It’s easy and fast to be adjusted to meet the demands of all kinds of standards of bottles only with having the turret, vacuum belt and a few of other components changed and avoid the man-made adjustment factors to the bottle labeling machinewine bottle labeling machinewine bottle labeling machinewine bottle labeling machinewine bottle labeling machine

Other choosable functions of wet glue labeling machinery:
1. loading materials automatically;
2. receiving materials automatically;
3. conveyor lengthened;
4. material- receiving platform;
5. a customization for single-end or double-end labeling meeting high speed single face labeling or double-faced labeling;
6. other custom-made functions according to clients’ demands.

Technological parameters of wet glue labeling machine
Capacity:30-80 bottles/min
Label length:50-130mm
Label width:30-110mm
Accuracy: ±1mm
Inver control
Including turn-plate and collect plate
Power source: 1 PH, 220V, 50HZ~60HZ
Power consumption: 1.5KW
Air consumption: 4-6Kg
Machine Weight: 550kg

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