Automatic Sauce Jam Tracking Filling Machine for Glass Jar

Automatic Sauce Jam Tracking Filling Machine for Glass Jar
The NP-RPF Inline Rotary Pump Liquid Tracking Filling machine is design base on the inline lobe pump filling machine, it has advantage of high efficient, high accurate for filling thin to very viscous products without foamy. It has an individual servo motor to drive Lobe pump and supplies product to each individual filling head. The filling heads is Synchronized movement with bottle without non-stop. This allows for a large variety of container types to be filled, from 20g to 5 kg pails. The machine was constructed by 304SS material, sanitary connections, and It can connection with CIP system, it is idea machine for filling food sauce, such as honey, tomato sauce and other type of Jam.The machine was control by Motion Controller, it is high performance than PLC
Specifications DESCRIPTION
Container size: 100ml to 5000ml
Nozzles available 2 to 4
Overall dimensions : 1800mm*1300mm*2000mm
Air consumption 2 to 4
Electrical : 220 V 50/60hz single phase
Power: 3.5KW
Production rate: 40 to 50 Containers/Minute
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