Automatic Screw Cap Machine,bouchon à vis machine à

Automatic Screw Cap Machine,bouchon à vis machine à
Major Characteristics:

a.This machine can be uesd in various configurations containers
and irregular
b.When cap tightening finished,bottle and cap relatively stop.
c.Clutch separate:bottle and cap are not injured.
d.Production capacity:6 heads 4800 bottles/hour;8 heads 6000

This machine has eight mechanical hands,dispatches caps in
high speedwith no inverse cap,which can be uesd in various
configurationscontainers,irregular containers.It can be divied into
scrape capping and graspcappingaccording to different caps.
Supply cap machine and mechanical hands workingwith synch.
When cap tighten finished.bottle and cap relatively stop.Clutch
seperate,bottle and cap are not injured.Main performance

Main technical parameters:

Power supply: AC220V ; 50H
Power: 1.5kw
Weight: about 680kg
Suitable container: Height:80mm~280mm Diameter:φ30mm~φ100mm
Production capacity: 8heads4800bottles/hourExternal dimension: 2000mm×1200mm×2300mm

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