automatic self-adhesive labeler battery labeling machines factory for horizontal label equipment

automatic self-adhesive battery labeling machines factory for horizontal label equipment
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Scope of Application:
Mainly applicable to No. 5 ( AA ), No.7 ( AAA ) battery automatic labeling, matching the inkjet printer can also achieve the production date deviation information synchronous spraying printing.
Labeling machine features:
1.The electric control system by using PLC control, touch screen operation, very convenient, intuitive.
2.Using a roller chain conveyor, which can ensure the accuracy and stability of the labeling machine efficence.

3.The unique thermal hair shrinkage mechanism, the wind energy is converted into heat, at the completion of two ends of the battery were closing in.

Technical parameters:
AC220V, 50/60HZ
Subject size
No.5 ( AA ), No.7 ( AAA ) battery
Product diameter
10-22mm or 18-30mm
Labeling precision
± 0.5mm ( not be affixed and label error )
Labeling speed
200-300 pieces/minute ( labeling and label size )

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