Automatic single head Cap Tightening Machinery,Screw Capping Machine,Bottle Screw Capping equipment

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Automatic single head capping machine

It is commonly used for container cap sealing operation in pharmaceutical, food, household products, pesticides, fine chemical industries.

1. Specification:

Capacity :20-60 bottles per minute
Cap type :Screw Cap
Voltage supply : 220V/380V,1/3 Phase,50-60Hz
Power supply : 2.2W
Air consumption : 4kgs×30Liter
Net weight : 500Kg
Gross weight : 600KG
Machine Size : 2000×800×1500 (L*W*H)

2. Working Principle

The automatic cap sealing of intermittent motion mechanism is the star-wheel transports the bottle to position for cap placing, then to position for cap sealing, tighten by cap sealing, It can prevent deflective because of vessel catching directly, exquisite&refinement. The machine is suitable for medium capacity, low volume but variety time operations.

Fast and easy change over to many bottle sizes by replacement of star-wheel and capping head components;
With multi-point photoelectric detection, automatic machine stop at no-bottle feeding, exit bottle blockage, bottle falling, in-accurate positioning, insufficient air pressure;
Installed with hygienic safety cover, machine stop in case of cover opening;
Bottle breakage rate is reduced by having a shock-absorbing device in capping head base;
A more reliable cap pickup arm is adopted instead of bottle mouth catch up mechanism;
A capping head tighten-up operation of capping head initiates air cylinder action;
A torque adjustment device for tightness control freely of capping;
A machine in motor speed adjustment by adopting steppless speed controller;
Suitable for independent operation, also possible for connection with line operation.

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