Automatic single label paste labeling machine paper label wet glue labeler testing video

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1.Basic using of Automatic single label paste labeling machine
It’s one of paste labeling machine, be used to paste label on all kinds of round bottle, to subdividing paper, coating paste,labeling, label covering automatically. Can reduce product process of labeling by worker, improve labeling efficiency. Well proportioned paste, silk shape stripe, no scrap, improve product grade. Special using in medium or small quality’s order, like food, wine line for labeling. Can be used connect with assembly line
2.Product feature
◆Using sealed conveyor box, full mechanical transmission,adope paste to affix all kinds of round bottle label, stability and reliable.
◆Can be used by itself, also can be used match with assembly line, adjustment more convenient.
◆Saving paste, coating thick or thin as per requirement and well proportioned, no paste wasting
◆labeling accurate, high overlapping both label head and label tail, can keep label all on the right place
◆High labeling quality, can adjust stripe under silk shape, labeling flat, no scrap, no warping to improve packing grade
◆High automation, subdividing paper, sending label,coating paste,labeling, label covering be fulfilled automatically, improve label efficiency
◆Easy cleaning, paste plate,doctor knife for paste, coating wheel, be designed individual, clean easy and fast
◆High stability,Panasonic PLC + KUNLUN TONGTAI Screen + Panasonic needle electronic eye + Leuze label testing electronic eye as the high grade electronic control, support equipment working at 7*24hours;
◆Touch HMI, with Chinese explanation and full damage reminding function, every parameter can be adjusted smply and fast, operation convenient.
3.Configuration specification of Automatic single label paste labeling machine
Electrical equipment Quty. Type Electrical equipment Quty. Type
Label stop electric eye 1set Huron(沪龙) Main conveyor motor 1set Wanshsin/OPG/JSCC
PLC 1set Pioneer Frequency transformer 1set TECO
EUT electric eye 1set Panasonic Conveyor motor speed controller 1set Wanshsin/OPG/JSCC
Conveyor motor 1set Wanshsin/OPG/JSCC screen 1set Kunlun tongtai
Labeling speed 30-80p/min
Labeling accurate ±1mm
Product scope diameterφ30mm~φ100mm,height60mm~300mm
Label scope width60mm~360mm,height 60mm~150mm
Voltage 380V
Out size L*W*H:2371mm×794mm×1188mm

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