automatic single-side round glass wine bottle labeling machine,Botella máquina de etiquetado

automatic double-side flat glass wine bottle labeling machine
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Flat bottle labeling machine
2.PLC:Siemens, Touch screen
3.Suitable for all kinds of bottles
The Flat glass wine bottle labeling machine adopts imported PLC control system,or touch switch knob control,elected Leuze/Germany photoelectric device,variable speed motors,conveyor chain board and imported belt related parts.
Host design of our labelling machine absorbs imported machines' label-transmitting way,and solve unstable problems existed in domestic labeling.
The labeler machine is suitable for different bottles,easy to adjus,can be finished in a short time.
The quick printer adopts the motor drive,gas drive.The words in the ribbon are clear and clean.
The whole label applicator is designed to meet GMP standard.
This presure-sensitive label machine is suitable for medicine,chemical,food,commodity etc.Labeling for bottle and box of flat,square,circle,elliptic,tapered,single orientation etc.
This automatic labeller adopts imported stepping motor control,Japan fiber, Taiwan technolog,Ensure labeling machines quality.

Operating principle:

Bottle are conveyed onto chain plate with guardrail and go through bottle dividing device, to ensure
bottles go one by one with safe distance. A sensor for bottle will send signal to PLC once it detects that bottle arrives. PLC will then notify stepping motor which controls label-sending to send labels out. Meanwhile another set of photoelectric sensor will control the label q'ty sent out, to ensure one-bottle one-label. After labeling, bottles will roll ahead through some label-pressing device so that labels will be complete fit to the body of bottle.

Operation procedure:

(1)Adjust height of each place as per correct installation tags.
(2)Check and ensure the label position is correct.
(3)Adjust guardrail to fit bottle diameter and label plate position.
(4)Switch on power supply, turn on photoelectric switch( printer-optional- should be preheated for fifteen minutes).
(5)Turn on motor and send non-standard switch, try to labeling machine to see and solve any possible problems.
(6)Adjust labeling height, to ensure labels to be sticked in right position.
(7)Confirm trouble-free and start trial running, to ensure everything is fine for production.

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